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Health & Management AI

Health & Management AI

Leading in the transition to a sustainable, empowered and inclusive health (care) system

The research agenda addresses national and international innovation of care, including the technological, process, service and product innovations. Hence, the impact of big data on healthcare processes and especially the collaboration between healthcare professionals, patients and data scientist is focus of research.

Research projects

Healthcare system reform beyond 2025

  • Legitimacy and ethics of big data innovation in healthcare
  • Business models of big data in healthcare
  • Measuring the impact of big data

The influence of big data

  • Role of professionals and patients in big data technology
  • Collaboration between healthcare professionals and data scientist
  • From prototype to change

Research Projects

foto Anne Marie 2019

Dr. Anne Marie Weggelaar-Jansen

Assistant professor of Change and Innovation at Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management